35 Barry Court, Albany

This residence provided the opportunity to work closely with the clients in order to come up with a design that fir the brief. That challenge being to come up with a design that made the most of all space on a relatively small block (345m2) without cluttering the design or creating spaces that were too small, with the client also wanting a home with hotel like feel. The resulting design accomplished this through well thought out placement of rooms, for example the master bedroom with open ensuite which opened out allowed personal access to the outdoor pool, with the remaining block space though minimalistic providing a cosy atmosphere. Whilst this project was in regional WA with a vast distance between A&A and the site and client, this did not prove to be an issue or detrimental to the project as we were able to correspond regularly through various form of correspondence as required.

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35 Barry Court, Albany Floor Plan
  • Categories: NEW RESIDENCE
  • Builder: Owner Builder
  • Status: Completed