56 Flora Tce, Watermans

The clients purchased this large block complete with small house with the intention of altering the design to make it suitable to their needs and intention to start a family, all whilst being mindful that the block was large enough for future subdivision.

The majority of works here were internal changes. Without altering too many internal walls and hence affecting structural integrity of the house and as a consequence increasing budget, we were able to redesign many of the internal spaces. The existing master bedroom size was increased and existing, no longer required formal dining was converted into an ensuite area. The kitchen (which won awards for interior designers) and the connected living and meals spaces connected functionally and visually to the new North facing outdoor living area.

To completely modernise the facade, the existing pitched tiled roof was removed completely making way for a modern, skillion pitched roof. We were able to make effective use of space by proposing a small mezzanine within part of the roof space and this area could be used for many functions giving the redesigned residence further flexibility. Whilst much of the area of the open living spaces were retained, the existing ceiling was removed and new ceiling on the rake was designed It gave the whole area completely new feel with an ‘openess’ and access to Northern winter light with highlight windows which gave space a lot more natural and also sola gain in winter. The adequate eaves projections allowed protection from direct summer sun in summer for these same windows.

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56 Flora Tce, Watermans Floor Plan
  • Categories: ADDITIONS
  • Builder: Troy Leaman Building
  • Completed: 2013