32 Cassino Drive, Stirling

With preliminary concept designs done by others, the clients came to Anthony and Associates to add design input and put finishing touches on the design. In particular they were after assistance for external design in which they had strong ideas on but needed our expertise to coordinate these ideas and concepts to develop a facade that would be modern, attractive and create attention through simplicity and effective use of colours and materials. Through collaborating closely with the clients we also made significant internal changes to the design provided, all to improve the layout and making the design better to their needs.

Internally the clients decorated the house extremely effectively with a very eclectic use of colours and styles, without being oversaturated with colours and features. The use of feature recycled brickwork on some internal walls effectively carries external theme inside the house. With the clever use of multiple materials, styles, furnishings and colours the interior of the house is consistent with the exterior which creates attention without being dominant or ‘over the top’

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32 Cassino Drive, Stirling Floor Plan
  • Categories: NEW RESIDENCE
  • Builder: Ocram Construction
  • Status: Completed