76 Roundhouse Parade, Jindalee

This large family home was custom designed for our clients who had two small children. The client was a carpenter from England who had built many loft conversions and when coming to Australia was surprised to see how often roof space was not used for loft or storage. As a result we looked into maximising the usage of the roof space. A large loft with views towards the ocean became a feature of the design. Although oversized for the client’s needs, the loft was a cost effective element which would add to resale value and could be used seasonally by parents who would come over and visit from England. Eventually, once the children were older, the parents would be moving upstairs where the floor was fully self-contained with kitchen, large living areas and a bathroom.

The design deliberately features the usage of low maintenance materials. With close location to the ocean, we needed to be mindful of the salt water damage that can be caused and hence cladding on upper floor and timber on the balcony were all appropriate with weather resistant qualities.

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76 Roundhouse Parade, Jindalee Floor Plan
  • Categories: NEW RESIDENCE
  • Builder: Matt Thomas
  • Status: Completed