34 Bournemouth Pde, Trigg

Designed for director of building company AE Hoskins and sons, this large double storey addition saw dramatic changes that have made the former small 1970’s single storey home completely unrecognizable from the modern house that now exists. The brief had several important intentions. With 3 children now into their ‘teens’ the existing house was too small and did not provide enough privacy or comfort for a large family. The existing house had a ‘sheltered’ outdoor living area and most of the outdoor space was ‘wasted’ at the back of the block. Lastly the ‘bland’ facade was in desperate need of some attention and ‘modernising’.

Logically the concepts for an Upper floor addition allowed to take advantage of ocean glimpses and also for the children to have their own spaces. Large enough to entertain teenage friends whilst having good separation from the parents. The Upper floor addition also allowed for a clear palette in which to create a new modern facade.

On the ground floor, the existing carport was converted into a garage. Due to both setback restraints and a desire to keep the garage door somewhat hidden from the streetscape, we proposed side entry to garage with large nib walls also helping to keep the door hidden from the facade. This also helps produce a very modern facade. The existing alfresco which was poorly positioned was removed and became part of the space required for new larger internal living areas. These indoor living areas opened up to the new alfresco and outdoor pool, now at the rear of the block, making for a more effective use of space than the previous design.

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34 Bournemouth Pde, Trigg Floor Plan
  • Categories: ADDITIONS
  • Builder: AE Hoskins & Sons
  • Completed: 2013